In recent years, there is a high demand of building projects, especially in the major cities of Vietnam. Lot of high rise buildings have been developed and under construction. Following the sharp increase in the number of building projects, the local construction resource becomes quite familiar with the modern construction technology, especially for the basement works and deep foundations.

Dung Tien always keeps the commitment to the project owners for the safety and economic construction methods.  In the constructtion of basement using barrette pile, the lateral support and dewatering system are always carefully designed in accordance with the sequence of excavation. The company has arranged professional teams to conduct a QAQC system strictly applied to all construction methods. Site safety, cleaning and impact to the surrounding environment are well managed during construction process.

Dung Tien strongly focuses on the sustainable development of technologies for the construction of substructure works. That concentration has been substantiated by the successful completion of basement work of those projects:Dai Hoc Y Duoc Moi (Medical Hospital), Saigon Times SquarePhú Mỹ Thuận Apartment ComplexThe VistaMinh Long TowerCMID Office BuildingsBeau Revage Residential Area584 ApartmentSai Gon ParagonSacombank Building

From the successful completion of the said projects and the company brand name already known in HCMC, the most competitive and large construction market of Vietnam, Dung Tien has made a firm decision to further develop substructure engineering and professional resources to meet all construction requirements of larger scale projects. 

In addition to the contractor’s activities of deep foundation and basement works, Dung Tien also has an adequate resource for the construction of superstructure of high rise building projects.  For instance, Dung Tien has successfully completed all structural and finishing works of CMID, GMG, Nguyen Son and DB Tower office building, ..

Awarding project to Dung Tien, the owner can, therefore, minimize risks in the development stage of the project.



Bored pile with high bearing capacity is a well-known foundation method popularly applied into high rise building projects. The qualities of bored pile are absolutely affected to the stable and cycle time of the building.

With reference to the construction experience of large diameter bored pile, Dung Tien is confident in satisfying all requirements of the owners in respect of bored pile method.

The construction method adequately designed according to the project scale, topographical and subsoil conditions is an prerequisite factor for the successful constructed bored pile.

With high professionalization and technological innovation of an experience contractor, Dung Tien has successfully designed and constructed small bored pile, diameter  ≤ 600mm , in replacing barrette pile for saving construction costs and time to the owner.  

Having confidence in the company professional resources, Dung Tien is ready to meet all requirements of the owners. Dung Tien would be honoured to be asked by the owner for this foundation method.   



Barrette pile is a wall structure popularly used for the substructure of high rise buildings. In construction of basement works, barrette pile becomes the structure to stabilize the subsoil of adjacent existing properties and to support earth.

From the construction experience of large diameter bored pile, Dung Tien confidently focuses on equipping all necessary specialized equipment for the construction of barrette.

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